vrijdag 21 maart 2008

Gift for the midwife

Hi Leen, I read this in my midwifery journal and thought of you.
Thank you for helping me birth Naomi ( 3 years ago now!)

Gift for the midwife

What will happen, you ask me with fear,
When my body is open and birth is near?
Your body will tell you, I solemnly vow,
Do not be afraid, your body knows how.

I can’t do it, you cry, it’s taking too long.
But you can, remember – your body is strong.
Don’t go away, stay with me here.
As long as you need me, I’ll always be near.

Your baby is here now, precious and new,
Calm and serene held close to you.
You look at him softly, so pleased and so proud.
I’ll give you some space now, I don’t want to crowd.

Thank you so much for all you have done.
The work was all yours, for me it was fun.
But I couldn’t have done it if you weren’t with me,
You made me believe I could do it, you see/

What thanks can I give you for care so fine?
Some flowers or chocolates, or maybe some wine?
Your words are my gift, they are my treasure,
Building my confidence, giving me pleasure.

It’s an honor and privilige to do what I do,
No need for a card or flowers from you.
I love what I do, a greast joy in my life
Is being here with you, being truly midwife.

Ruth Henderson